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Disclaimer: I believe, in fact I know, this doesn’t apply to any Californians so I apologize in advance. But if you want to continue reading anyway, that would be grand.

After the first snow of the season last weekend, I realized something. Winter is coming. It really is. And as much as I am holding on to the 50-60 degree days of early fall, there is no stopping it. I love fall, I do, but more than anything, it is a reminder that winter is about to happen at any time. So I might as well get this list solidified now so I don’t have to worry about it in four to five weeks when I’m bundled in all my blankets, freezing. Here are some things to do when it’s cold out:

1. Have a movie night!
One of the great perks of going to a liberal arts school is that there are tons of film students to tell you which movies to watch. Get some movie snacks (may I suggest m&m’s or pretzels?), grab a movie from the library, or from online (I’m not saying I pirate movies, I’m just saying if you are into that I can’t stop you….) and bundle up in some blankets. This can also be a great way to bond with your roommates and suitemates. I suggest picking a movie you and your friends have seen already so you can talk during it and add your own commentary.

2. Make a homemade dinner
Obviously this requires you to go out into the cold to get ingredients first, but it is so worth it. If you’re living on a college meal plan like I am, just one homemade meal can make your day/night amazing. Look up some delicious but fairly easy recipes on foodnetwork.com and go to TJ’s (or Whole Foods if you feel like spending) to get your ingredients. It is an activity within a meal as it is fun to try and figure out how to cook things with your roommates, friends, significant others, etc. Plus it makes for a great food insta, which I know Amali loves and appreciates.

3. Karaoke
Believe it or not, this could be the one thing I have learned to love this semester. My suitemates decided to karaoke one night and have discovered it is probably one of the most fun things to do. In fact, we once got so caught up in karaokeing we convinced not only ourselves, but guests in the suite, to not go out on a Saturday night and karaoke instead. It is seriously a blast and if you are doubting me try it and you will understand. And if you have tried it and disagree with me, then I don’t care for you.

4. Relax
Seriously if you are anything like me you could use a night in to relax. Make some tea or hot chocolate, get a soft blanket and watch netflix. Hell, maybe even lock your door so you can have some privacy. Relaxation and privacy are rare where I am, and perhaps where you are. So take some time for yourself if it’s unbearable outside and it could be a great night.

I hope these suggestions prepare you for what is looking to be another bitterly cold winter. And if you are reading this from California, or some other perpetually warm location, I hope you are appreciating the weather there.

Forever shivering,