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This weekend was family weekend at my college. Tons of parents, of mostly freshmen, flooded the campus all weekend. And it was a reminder of how relieved I was that my mom came for parent’s weekend last year. I won’t lie, I am a little homesick. During midterms and the start of the cold weather, it is really easy to miss home in a place like California. My sister visited for a day last week and it was really nice to have someone from actual home at my current home. But I can’t help but think of how great the holidays will be spent with my family in a couple months.

I feel like a lot of college students are too prideful or stubborn to admit they’re homesick and miss their parents. I couldn’t wait to leave home after high school. So naturally, it was really hard to admit I was homesick after 6 weeks of being at school. But in my sophomore year, as my friends and I reflect on the last two semesters (for no reason at all), I have learned that everyone felt the same way at that time, though no one wanted to say it. For those of you who have admitted it, or even for those that don’t want to but secretly feel it, I have made yet another list.

Here are some great, non-embarrassing ways to cure your homesickness this fall:

1. Skype

Skype is probably the best way to connect with friends and family from home. Even though there may be difficulty with a time difference, your loved ones will always try to make time for you (key word try). It is overwhelmingly comforting to see their faces matched with their voices. Even more, it is nice to see a familiar setting behind them. Although skype is the best way to cure homesickness, it is also the most difficult. A lot of the time there can be technical difficulties, delays, you can’t find enough time to set aside, or there just isn’t a quiet, secluded place for a skype conversation in dorms.

2. Call often

Some kids I know manage to go weeks without talking to their parents. I really can’t imagine that because calling my parents every night is my main source of comfort. I don’t think I would last 3,000 miles away from home if I didn’t talk to my parents often. Calling your friends is really nice as well. I should started calling my friends from home and the ones at other colleges though, because I’m encouraging you to do it and I refuse to be a hypocrite. Calling is becoming a less popular form of communication, however. Many people these days prefer to text or instant message of some sort, though this method is waaaaay less personal.

3. Persuade someone to send you a care package

It doesn’t even need to be a package. Even a letter is extremely heart warming. But if you find someone that is willing to go through the trouble of sending you a package, have them do it ASAP. I have discovered that receiving a package notification email from the mail room is one of the most satisfying emails ever. Plus you get to strut around campus with your unopened package like you own the place.

4. Pictures

One of the only ways I know how to decorate a dorm room is with tons of photos. But my lack of creativity for decorations pays off in this case because I have so many photos of fun times with friends and family. I probably (actually) have four pictures just of my dog, Frankie. It’s just nice to be reminded of good times, or Frankie times. Print out some key photos from summer and high school and you are set.

5. Find people from your hometown

This was way too easy for me to do, and might not be so easy for everyone. But in my case, being around people from my hometown has been amazing. My roommate is someone I have known since pre-k, and we share a lot of childhood memories. To have someone that will get obscure references from your past or from your native land is a major bonus. For those of you that don’t have it as easy as me, try to find someone that lives near you, or maybe just in the same state. It could be a great connection to home.


My sister made me a "Home is Where Frankie is" picture as a going away present my freshman year. Frankie, my dog, is placed on home, if you didn't already put two and two together.

My sister made me a “Home is Where Frankie is” picture as a going away present my freshman year. Frankie, my dog, is placed on home, if you didn’t already put two and two together.