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hi friends
Having friends who live all over the country can be very difficult. I opted out of the schools I got into and chose to complete two years of community college in hopes of getting into a better school. Unfortunately this has meant two years of being home while my dear friends are off in the world.

But, for all college students, we know what its like to have friends that are states or even countries away. At first, I hated the idea of having my closest friends spread out and not a drive away. But, it is now my favorite kind of friendship and here is why:

You realize who your real friends are. Sometimes you are friends with people just because they are around. But, when they are not it is a a good way of finding out who is there.

Also, the best friends are the ones that you do not have to talk to/ or see all the time but when you are together it is as though no time has passed. You will become busy and so will your friends. You will not have as much time as you hope you would to pick up the phone, and most of the time you just get wrapped up in what you are doing and forget.

You learn to text each other about the best and most exciting things, skype when you are available, and always see each other when you are both home!

Some people see it as being very difficult, but it is actually great. I was even able to spend my spring break in New York and Boston with two of my favorite people!

Going away and growing apart is inevitable, but it should be embraced and excepted instead of hidden from.