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Today I didn’t do much on my day off school, but what I did do was indulge in my favorite things; my favorite movies, music, books, etc. I am one of those Harry Potter obsessed freaks. I’m an avid One Direction listener and admirer (THERE I ADMITTED IT). I love books by John Green. It is really not hard to guess what my “favorites” are, as many many other people in this world share the same ones.

It is amazing, though, that so many people share an interest in the things I’m interested in. This is what I realized between seeing the One Direction movie and turning on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (both of which I did do tonight): being a fan of something isn’t just an organized group of obsessed weirdos. I am admitting that the things I am a fan of deserve obsessed weirdos, mind you. Being a fan of something is joining a group of people who share the same passion for one thing, who get chills at the same line, who swoon over the same song lyric and who cry every time they read it.

For me, being a “fan” means taking away the sarcasm and dry comments and letting myself literally scream and cry like a preteen. Sharing a fandom with someone means letting them see that embarrassingly bubbly side of me that I otherwise would not let slip through the cracks. It means letting my guard down so I can cry, laugh and squeal out loud rather than in my own head.

I am not surprised that I have subconsciously surrounded myself with suitemates, friends, and on the larger scale, a college community who share the same interests and are super fans of the same things as me. It’s these people that I can feel the most comfortable around in a city that I’ve only lived in for a year.

My advice to you now is to not hold back. I have just admitted to you that I love One Direction. I love One Direction. I am telling you this on a public blog because I want you secret 1D fans to come out of the One Direction closet.

Don’t be afraid to tell people what you love or what you have a passion for. This spans beyond fandoms. Surround yourself with people that will get excited with you. Choose to be around people who won’t judge you look down on you. Build a support system of friends that you know have your back in any situation whether it be buying you a new album or buying you a pint of ice cream to get you through a stressful time.

Allow yourself to be uniquely you, and you will find amazing people to spend your time with.