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Hi Friends

Halloween is among us, and therefore it is time to discuss what we are going to wear. There are plenty of DIY options. All of these can be done without a partner/friend. But for this sake let’s say you do have a Kevin (that’s what we will call your friend). Also, say you are like me, Amali, and are very controlling and over-bearing. Then you need a Kevin, someone who is easy-going and will entertain your crazy costume ideas and not get in the way while you create magic.

So here we go,

7 Easy and Not So Easy DIY Halloween costumes

1. Sheep


All this costume needs is 4 to 5 bags of cotton balls, a white t-shirt, and a dream. Gluing on the cotton balls with a hot glue gun was quickest for me, but if you have fabric glue, your outfit will probably be less uncomfortable. I made the ears using white printer paper, a black marker, and more cotton balls for the back. And a touch of black eyeliner for the nose can’t hurt. Estimated cost: $10, Time: one hour for both

2. Mariachi Band


This is a personal favorite, and probably cost the least. For the perfect mariachi costume you need: black pants, a vest, jacket, or cardigan, a white button down, a red scarf (or red fabric), sombrero hats, and silver duct tape (optional!). We happened to have everything already, and if you have a suit vest and pant of a different color that would also work! We borrowed ukuleles from co-workers and they were a hit! Estimated cost : $5 if you need a sombrero, and time: 35 seconds

3. Jellyfish


Undersea creatures are not your typical Halloween costume which is why you need to be jellyfish for Halloween this year. I took two clear umbrellas. You really can use any color you want but I had a vision and am very stubborn. So I found these at Walmart for $10 each, and then purchased a few reels of streamers in various pink colors and a roll of bubble wrap. We cut them up in different sizes and stuck them to the inside with clear tape and voila! Estimated cost: $30 for both, Time: 20 minutes

4. Giraffes


This costume is by far the biggest pain in the ass, and if you are not looking for that then continue on. But if you want to be cool and get showered with compliments stick with me. Once we had decided to embark on this journey there was no turning back. It starts out with construction paper, then paper mache, spray paint if you want to be more yellow, brown dots, hodge-podge, and letting the final masterpiece dry. This is totally worth it if you plan on saving them and using them for everything. The tutorial here has better instructions! Estimated time: 6 hours, give or take three days. Price: $15 total

5. Sushi


All you need to be a delicious piece of salmon sushi is, two pieces of cardboard, paint, and some seaweed colored fabric. The boards take about 3 minutes to put together, and I added white stripes with puffy paint for effect. Then to top it off I purchased $1 visors, and put play-doh wasabi and chopsticks to make us look extra tasty. Seriously, so easy to do, Estimated cost: $7, Time :10 minutes

6. Senior Citizens


The best part about this one is it’s free! We simply raided our parents/grandparents closets, picked the best old lady/old man things we could find and threw them out. If you have parents who are hip and dress with the trends you can always go to a thrift shop and find plenty of good options. I googled makeup tutorials on how to make your face age and using the makeup I had around the house, and some baby powder in my hair, instantly became old!

7. Jelly Beans


Lastly, more people disguised as tasty treats. This one is also quite simple. Kevin had a hard time finding clear trash bags (walmart), but once we did it was smooth sailing. We blew up about 15 balloons, (try and find colored ones to match actual jelly beans) for the front and back of our costume and then attached the ends of the bags together with clear tape so our head could fit through. We chose (I forced him) to wear clothing in all one color, preferably bright like a jelly bean. I printed the jelly bean sign, and a list of ingredients for the back, and voila!

So now my dear friends, there is no excuse to be a bunny, cat, sailor, or minion this Halloween.

Note to reader: My friend and I work at a summer camp with theme days every week. We don’t just wear matching costumes all the time (though that is something I would thoroughly enjoy).