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Hi Friends

Lets talk about birthday parties! Over this past weekend I had the honor of making cupcakes for a 2nd birthday party, I could not have been more flattered to have been asked and took the task at hand very seriously.

The theme was Minions, nope not Despicable Me, just Gru’s yellow sidekick friends. I started out with two dozen funfetti cupcakes , so white cake with sprinkles essentially. I would trust any cake/ cookie/ food that How Sweet It Is makes, I’ve tried easily over 10 of her recipes and they always turn out wonderfully. This is actually my favorite funfetti cupcake recipe which is why i trusted it for this event!


Next, I took 12 twinkies and cut them in half (I am sure you have seen these on pinterest before!) I purchased the candy eyes online through wilton , but these can be made using smarties and putting a black frosting dot on top. Then I began decorating, the best part is since every minion is different, you can get very creative. Some with one eye, or a surprised face, whatever you like! Just be careful because the black frosting is hard to remove from the twinkie if a mistake is made, so a toothpick or 6 on the side is very helpful.


Then I made a classic buttercream, and dyed it blue! I placed a small amount in the middle for the twinkie to stick on too and seen above!


To ensure the twinkies would stay still and upright I circled around them with frosting creating somewhat of a barrier. If you are going to use this buttercream recipe as your frosting make sure the cupcakes stay in a cook area, it is mostly butter after all and will melt away!


Lastly, I whipped up two layer sheet cake for the adults at the party, using the funfetti and buttercream, I purchase this edible image from Whimsical Practicality which was a hit amongst the kids, and is a great deal and comes in the mail within a week!