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Why hello there! After a very busy and VERY tiring weekend, I only desire two things in this life: Netflix and sleep. Unfortunately, I cannot share with you the amazing 7 hour slumber I will have tonight, but I can share some must-see (according to me) TV shows you can find on and, if you’re sneaky and willing to pirate, off Netflix.

1. Gilmore Girls

A true classic, Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix October 1st. Embarrassingly enough, I have already made it to season two. Embarrassing because if you factor in the amount of time I spend in class, meetings, rehearsals and other obligations, a majority of the remaining time is spent watching Lorelai and Rory. The show has 7 seasons and if I were you I would stick through all of them. Although not all 7 are a constant source of excitement, it would be cruel to jump around the story line.

Gilmore Girls is categorized as a comedy-drama, but I wouldn’t let the word “drama” scare you off. It’s more comedy than it seems, with a lot of witty banter and clever references, but there is still some crying and fighting between the jokes. The show is set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The setting is charming and as a California native I can’t help but become giddy over the changing seasons in the series.

Gilmore Girls is truly a charming little (yet, seven season) show. I recommend to those that are looking to watch something funny, endearing and heart-warming.

2. Scrubs

I really truly believe if you like Gilmore Girls you have to like Scrubs. They were airing around the same time (Gilmore Girls 2000-2007 and Scrubs 2001-2009), so the structure of the show is pretty similar. The first couple seasons are great, a few in the middle get slow and the last seasons are good, but the stories can get a bit overdone at times. Don’t get me wrong though, Scrubs is an excellent TV show.

Scrubs is a “doctor show”. But it’s not House or Grey’s Anatomy, as the whole show is poking fun at people working and interacting in a hospital. Of course, there are times in the show where sickness and death take precedent to the funny of it all. But for the most part, Scrubs is completely lighthearted and warm.

If you’re looking for an easy show to watch that doesn’t take much thinking but keeps you immensely entertained, Scrubs is for you.

3. Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari’s three most recent comedy shows are posted on Netflix. I know this is not exactly a TV show and won’t last you very long, but it is definitely worth a watch. His three comedy specials, “Intimate Moments” (2009), “Dangerously Delicious” (2012), and “Buried Alive” (2013), don’t have to be watched in order. However, I suggest you do because he does get funnier as time goes on. My theory is that his growing fame as the hilarious dude from Parks and Rec helped him tap into his comedy genius.

Don’t watch these with children, but I would wager that you’re safer watching this with your parents than you would be if it was Dane Cook (god forbid).  It’s best to watch one full show rather than stop it in the middle. I tried to do that once and did not find it as funny when I picked up where I left off.

Aziz’s humor is not for everyone, I get that. But if you have an open mind and enjoy comedy to its fullest, you’ve probably already seen all three of these; but to those who haven’t, give it a go.

4. Bob’s Burgers

I don’t know why you haven’t watched it already, some of you weirdos, but you have to watch Bob’s Burgers. I’m not a huge fan of adult cartoons. Frankly, I find it creepy and it ruins the childlike nature of cartoons in the first place. But Bob’s Burgers is the exception. It is a hilarious show about a family, running a burger restaurant in what is assumed to be New Jersey.

What makes Bob’s Burgers a true exception for me is its dry humor. Bob, the father, is the straight man with his monotone voice and dull expression. Meanwhile, there’s Linda, his loud wife paralleling the classic stereotype of a Jewish mother, Tina, his oldest daughter who loves butts and zombies, Gene, his son who records and plays back sounds on a keyboard, and Louise, his youngest daughter who creates and attempts to execute revenge plots and wreaks general havoc.

Each family member, as you can see from their descriptions, bring a different facet of comedy to the table. So this show really can be for anyone and everyone.

5. Portlandia

I happened upon Portlandia after realizing how very funny Fred Armisen is. Of course I knew he was funny from his days on SNL, but his appearances outside of the series are what intrigued me. Portlandia itself is a series of comedy sketches set in Portland, Oregon (what some consider the Hipster Capital of America). Naturally, there are an endless amount of funny and weird things that happen in Armisen’s and, his partner in creating the show, Carrie Brownstein’s Portland.

On top of all that greatness, there are a ton of celebrity guests on the show. Some of my favorites are Steve Buscemi and Aubrey Plaza. Although the show does have a script, a lot of it is improvised so it is great to see well-known actors and musicians improvising on the show.

Even if sketch comedy isn’t your thing, I would give Portlandia a shot. It’s not like SNL in that there is a bit of a story line. But it is funny, and if you’ve learned one thing from this post its that I appreciate a good comedy, so you have to trust me now.

Happy watching!