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Hi Friends

As you all are forced to know, it is pumpkin season (or fall as some cave dwellers call it). That means there is pumpkin flavored everything, everywhere and you cannot escape it. The best thing to do is embrace it, because it is delicious and it is so important.  I personally, enjoy pumpkin products all year long. They sell canned pumpkin all year long, so why only enjoy in this divine flavor for three months out of the year? I want to talk about the best pumpkin recipes!


First we have a pumpkin cranberry scone with white chocolate drizzle, unfortunately this is a secret family recipe I cannot share with you.  Bobbly Flay makes an amazing pumpkin scone that even has a whipped maple butter, honestly how could you resist?


Pumpkin does not always have to be sweet (though it is preferred), This pumpkin ravioli changed my life, seriously. This is amazing, and if you are in the mood for comfort food you have to give this a chance. Mine does not look even close to as pretty as the original!


The next two are Trader Joe’s products, the above is the Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix, it made about 16 muffins. I filled the muffins with cream cheese frosting before baking, and topped with a simple streusel of butter, flour, and all spice. It was so easy and everyone loves them! I was inspired because Starbucks makes a very similar one but with pumpkin seeds on top and I wanted to try and re-create it.


These bad boys are pumpkin- chocolate chip blondies, also from Trader Joe’s, and you cannot beat them! Im normally against pre-made cakes/ cookie batters but the pumpkin selection around this time of year is phenomenal. Especially when you are not feeling up to roasting a whole pumpkin and cutting it but still want that great home made taste! Give these a try and please let me know what you think!