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Autumn has always felt like a fresh start. It could be because a new school year begins, or because the weather starts to change. But autumn has always been a time for rebirth. We set goals for ourselves, we feel motivated and determined, and we want to experience so many new and exciting things. Autumn, to me, has the charm of giving us a second, third, or maybe tenth chance.

With this nothing-can-go-wrong feeling, I often set expectations that are way too high. And because of this, it’s easy to be disappointed. But this year is different. I said to myself, “Self, if autumn is a fresh start, I am going to make it one.” And I implore you to do so as well.

A recipe for a fresh start:

1. Take everyday one day at a time: What is the point of worrying about what you’re going to do this weekend when you can be enjoying the last bit of warm/decent weather (or in LA’s case, you can be cooling off in the pool or at the beach before the weather gets under 70 degrees).

2. Don’t set unrealistic expectations: It’s certainly okay to remain hopeful, but how can anyone expect to be happy if all they do is set the bar high for everyone and everything around them.

3. Don’t fall behind:Make your life easier by getting the hard stuff out of the way first. Stay on top of work and school, but also make sure you’re making time for friends and family. It is so easy to put things off until later and that goes for texting your high school friends back, writing that insignificant response paper or calling your parents.

4. No regrets: Fall is often the time for auditions, interviews and tryouts. It’s okay to not make it the first time, or at all. I don’t think not making the cut is a reason to regret doing something altogether. Every experience teaches us something new. Keep your head high and believe that you can do it (whatever it may be for you).

5. Stay positive: Stress is unavoidable these days. Shit happens. There is no way we can get through it all if we have a bad attitude. So smile often and maybe do a little laughter yoga. A little positivity everyday is the secret ingredient to a fresh start.


My Autumn view of the Charles River in Boston.